Imagine living in this life without answers or justice. Imagine your darkest fear came true, your love one a son or daughter maybe even your parents have been murdered in cold blood. 

No answers are given to you. Murder after murder is happening. Teenage girls being raped and murdered and taken off from the streets.

Do you know where your teenage girl is? Save her before its to late. Before the cold blooded serial killer strikes again.

John Thompson the man who is a homicide investigator whose own parents where brutally murdered in ways you couldn’t even imagine were killed when he was a teenage boy, a boy who had to live with the heartache and look after his two younger siblings and try and put the pieces back together. But there is always a missing piece in this puzzle, for now in the present day he is a grown man on the street trying to fight crime and take the murderers of a cold Boston city street. Murder has happened in his life once again. This time to his sisters daughter. She was only sixteen, she is now been murdered and others will follow. They keep turning up in the lake, one by one the killer strikes again. But the killer only comes out at night. For this is why the title is called Murder Under A Dark Sky.